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Blockchain at Deutsche Bahn
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What is blockchain?

Blockchain is basically a chain of digital data blocks. Each block contains large numbers of transactions – i.e. digital information, for instance on accounts, products, events, and much more besides. The individual transactions are stored as blocks, with each block including a reference to the previous blocks. The data blocks are in turn linked to create a chain – hence the term blockchain.

The key feature of this electronic register is its distributed data storage. It is stored on a host of networked computers and managed by the participants. The same data chain with the same information is stored on every computer and is constantly synchronised. 

So everyone involved shares the same version of the data, which works according to jointly defined rules. There is always only one truth – this feature makes the blockchain uniquely transparent and secure. Remote storage means that the data chain can only be modified if everyone involved agrees. Making tampering virtually impossible.

Why blockchain?

The lack of security is a major shortcoming of the internet. Questions arise such as: Is this information correct? Where does it come from? Who does it come from? And can I trust it? By contrast, the blockchain has only one truth – which everyone involved has agreed on.

When sharing data between machines it is vital that the shared information is trustworthy and valid for everyone. In the blockchain each action is documented in a forgery-proof, clearly traceable way. An administrator cannot delete or modify content; the history of all transactions is also retained. Another advantage is that you do not need an intermediary, a mediator such as banks, stockbrokers or other institutions to safeguard processing.



Signed information is visible and verifiable for all network participants in real time.


Built-in trust

Integrity of information is ensured through consensus from everyone. No central intermediaries are required.


Forgery protection

Data is validated using cryptographic methods. This makes data tampering impossible.


Fault tolerance

Separate and networked participants distribute data across various nodes. This ensures fault tolerance.


Smart contracts

Contracts are automatically executed according to stipulated conditions on the basis of programme codes.


Blockchain technology will change everything related to finance; and much more.
This includes the Euro on blockchain, crypto assets and any industry - from mobility to Industrie 4.0

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

What we do

At DB Systel, Deutsche Bahn's digital partner, the Blockchain team has been developing promising ways of deploying blockchain technology at Deutsche Bahn since 2018. The ideas range from multimodal ticketing, logistics supply chains through to technical rail operations using blockchain. At present around 30 developers, software architects and project managers are working on some 20 use cases. The work covers research, development of prototypes, right through to practical usage.

Our projects


Revenue Sharing

Efficient allocation of revenues between various transport companies


Blockchain Rail Control System

The use of distributed ledger technology lets trains automatically divide up the railway network among themselves

Our products and services


Blockchain Ideation Workshop

Blockchain Initialberatung

Prelimina­ry blockchain consulting

Blockchain Proof of Concept

Blockchain proof of concept

Strategisches Consulting

Strategy consulting

Technisches Consulting

Technical consulting

Points of Contact

Moritz Bonin
Head of Blockchain & DLT Solutions
Moritz Bonin_2
Matthias Felder
Product Owner Team Blockchain Customer Experience
Matthias Felder
Daniel Kindler
Product Owner Team Rail Control System
Daniel Kindler
Roland Kittel
Product Owner Team Rail Control System
Roland Kittel
Christian Vogel
Product Owner Team Rail Operating Maintenance
Christian Vogel
Dr. Michael Kuperberg
Chief Architect
Michael Kuperberg
Martin Andres
Marketing Manager
Martin Andres
Tülay Demir
Marketing Manager
Tülay Demir


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